What’s Your Best Deposit Option?

Slothino blog: best deposit options

Slothino has quite a few deposit options available for you. But which option is the best one for funding your Slothino casino account? All banking methods offer fast processing times, making the cash readily available for you to use. Slothino also provides our players with the top-end security, making your transactions absolutely safe. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, and which banking method is your favorite. Slothino is here to help you with additional information on the best casino deposit option for you.

Credit Card

Credit cards are easily the most common payment method accepted at online casinos. First comes their ease of use. Using a credit card is second nature to most players, which makes this a very good option to fund an account. Since credit cards are an universal payment method, all online casinos accept them. Of course, Slothino is no exception here.

Just like the other payment methods listed here, credit cards have very fast processing times. Deposits become available almost instantly. Thanks to the additional security provided by banks and card issuers, credit cards are also extremely safe. Slothino will safely store your card information. We accept payments from Visa and MasterCard, the two most popular credit card issuers.

Considering that credit cards are easy to use, extremely safe and also offer fast processing times, it’s now wonder that it still retains the number 1 spot as the most popular casino deposit option.

Paysafe Deposit Method

Credit cards are an extremely safe and fast method, as mentioned earlier. However, they do have one minor downside, as users need to enter their card information. It’s perfectly safe to do so at Slothino, as we will keep this information safely stored. However, it’s perfectly understandable that some users do not feel particularly confident about sharing their information.

Paysafe is a prepaid solution, which provides users with an additional layer of anonymity. This alternative payment method has grown in popularity also because of its practical use. All you need to do is buy one or more vouchers, enter its 16-digit PIN and wait for the transaction to be processed. Just like the other methods, Paysafe deposits have fast processing times, and funds become readily available on your account.

If you don’t feel comfortable entering your financial information, Paysafe provides you with an anonymous and fast casino deposit option. On the downside, the voucher works the same way as a gift card. Since it’s disposable, you will still need another payment option to withdraw funds.


Prepaid cards are an increasingly popular casino deposit option. You only need to sign up for an account, after which the service provider will issue a virtual card. After that, you will be required to fund it, which can be done using a credit card or via bank transfer. Once the transaction has been processed, virtual prepaid cards work just like any other credit card.

Entropay is also growing in popularity among casino players. Prepaid cards offer better control to the users, since it isn’t possible to request payments that exceed your funds. This also means that Entropay casino deposits offer another layer of security for users that still do not feel safe sharing their financial details. Since Entropay works just like regular credit cards, deposits are also processed fairly quick and the funds become available almost instantly.


Neteller and online casino deposits have been synonymous for two decades. Online gaming has played a very important role in Neteller’s history. The e-wallet first entered the online gambling market in 2000, and was responsible for over 80% of the payments. With so much experience in the market, it goes without saying that Neteller is as reliable as it gets.

E-wallets also offer an increased level of protection to the users. Neteller requires you to fund your account, either using your bank account, a credit card or debit card. However, you won’t need to share this information directly with the casino, since Neteller will be the one handling the transactions. This is another option in case you don’t feel comfortable sharing your financial details. It also offers extremely fast processing times, also making funds instantly available on deposits.

Another point that sets Neteller apart from other e-wallets is its VIP program. Some of its benefits include cashbacks, increased limits and a prepaid credit card. Neteller was acquired by Paysafe in 2015, and currently operates under the group’s umbrella.


Another e-wallet that has been synonymous with online gaming, Skrill is a very popular choice among players. It offers a number of advantages, allowing users to fund their e-wallet using a debit card, credit card, vouchers or by transferring funds from their bank account. Using Skrill allows you to complete financial transactions without revealing your personal information.

Skrill sets itself apart from other e-wallets thanks to its wide range of accepted currencies. It also accepts cryptocurrencies, which is something not all e-wallets offer. Skrill provides an extremely safe service, relying on top-end cryptography to process transactions. Your casino deposits will become available almost instantly as well thanks to its extremely fast processing times. Skrill is also part of the Paysafe Group, operating under the same umbrella as its former rival Neteller.

As you can see, Slothino has no shortage of options when it comes to casino deposit methods. Take your time weighing all the positives of each method and pick the one that suits you best. Stay a while, Play a while!

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