19 great sloth memes. Which one is your favorite and which ones do we need to add?

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It’s impossible not to fall in love with sloths. They are cute, cuddly and absolutely adorable. Recently, sloths have also become quite popular around the internet thanks to some hilarious memes. Speaking of which, we have selected some of the best sloth memes on the internet. Before making your next deposit, or while taking a break from a gaming session, just make sure you don’t miss out on these hilarious sloth memes!

Sloth Fu

Sloths are extremely peaceful and will never go out of their way to attack. However, when threatened, sloths can put these claws to good use. You better not provoke them – unless you want to witness the power of Sloth Fu firsthand!

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: Sloth Fu


The Sorting Hat ceremony is a highly anticipated moment at Slothwarts. Every year, hundreds of new sloth wizards get sorted into the four houses – Griffinsloth, Slothenclaw, Slothenpuff and the fearsome Slotherin.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: Slotherin

Too Much Swag

Hold it right there – where do you think you are going? Well, probably not too far away, officer since sloths rarely move at all. But you can’t deny that they do have a lot of swag. Maybe their swag is what makes sloths so irresistible?

Slothino.com - best sloth memes:  Too much swag

Spirit Animal

The sloth is our mascot, but for some people, it’s also their spirit animal. Well, let’s be honest: nothing beats slothing it out all day. Every now and then, it’s perfectly fine to embrace your inner Slothino, kick back and relax. Come hang around with us for some gameplay n’ chill while enjoying the best casino bonuses.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: Sloth my spirit animal

Rule the Galaxy

It’s hard to tell what a sloth is thinking, but it’s probably fair to say that world domination isn’t one of their goals. But could you resist such a cute look? If a sloth asks you to join forces and rule the galaxy, you must accept the invitation. No question asked.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: Join me and together we rule the galaxy

Pretty Princess

Sloths already look irresistibly adorable, so adding some makeup will only help it. While sloths obviously don’t wear makeup, they are exceptionally good at camouflaging. After all, when you move at an average of 40 yards a day, running away probably isn’t your strongest suit.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes:  I'm a pretty princess

Bucket of Sloths

Life is good, but sometimes it can be even better. And when we say good, how about a bucket-full-of-sloths good? This image is sure to cheer you up right away. Just imagine yourself hugging these adorable sloths and your day will definitely get better!

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: life is like a bucket of slohts


Sloths spend most of their life hanging from trees and barely move. That means they have plenty of time to ponder about philoslothical questions, such as the origin of the Universe, time and space… or maybe they don’t think about anything at all.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: feeling philoslothical


This sloth meme perfectly captures the essence of lazing around on the weekend. After an exhausting week, sometimes you simply want to do nothing at all. On these days, there is nothing quite like hanging around with us at Slothino for some nice and chill games!

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: staying in on the weekend

Hanging Around

Sloths will happily take the chance to hang around anywhere they can. And when we say anywhere, we really mean it. This sloth doesn’t seem to mind at all that it is inside a car. As long as it can find somewhere to hang upside down, all is good in the world.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: my friend the zoo keeper

Knowledge is Power

Have you ever read something on a specific topic for 1 or 2 minutes and suddenly felt as if you had achieved enlightenment? We’ve all been there at some point. This sloth feels the exact same way.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes:  knowledge is power

Slow But Determined

As you can see, sloths are very smart. While they might look a bit slow, sloths always make sure to reach their goals. This one is determined to graduate. Sure, it might take 10 or maybe 20 years, but it will get there at some point. Because that’s how sloths deal with everything. Slow and steady wins the race.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: slow but determined

True Love

Here is a fun fact: did you know that sloths can’t really move on the ground? Well, sloths rarely move at all, but moving between trees is much easier for them. Sloths have curved toes and hands, which makes it impossible for them to stand on their two feet. Since crawling on the ground isn’t very practical either, they will happily grab and hold onto anything that looks like a tree branch. Long story short, this little fellow won’t let go off this pole that easily and will probably need quite a bit of convincing to do so. Is this love at first sight?

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: true love

I’m a Plant

Did you know that sloths are actually quite good at passing off as plants? Well, not really – but they do mix in quite well among tree leaves in the forest, which helps avoiding predators. Their dark fur works as camouflage, and since sloths don’t move that much, predators can’t really spot them among the trees. When you actually think about it, posing as a plant might not be that difficult for them after all.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes:  i'm a plant

Sleeping a Lot

Sloths sleep an average of 15 hours a day! And we can hardly blame them. Saving energy is definitely important. And saving energy to sleep some more is even better. Say whatever you want, but sloths sure know how to live.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: sleep a lot Sloth

Ready to Party

Sloths aren’t quite party animals, but this little guy there seems to think otherwise. Lazing around is nice and all, but partying is even better. At least that’s what this sloth thinks.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes:  ready to party!

It’s Saturday

Have you accidentally set your alarm to go off on the weekend? If that’s the case, then you probably know there is no better feeling than turning it off and going back to sleep after realizing it’s Saturday.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes:  it's saturday

Blame the Oreos

Weighing day is everyone’s nightmare. It’s not any different for this sloth. Did you know that sloths barely need any food? Since they have a very slow metabolism and don’t move around that much, one leaf might give them enough energy for days. Maybe this sloth ate one too many leaves?

Slothino.com - best sloth memes:  damn oreos

Sloth Tricks

What if the expression on their face actually means that sloths are always secretly plotting something? On second thought, they are cute enough to make us forgive them even if that’s the case.

Slothino.com - best sloth memes: Sloth  did a mean trick

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