Have You Seen Them?! Hilarious Commercials Featuring Sloths

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Sloths have become quite iconic animals thanks to television and their internet success. As you know it, we absolutely love sloths here at Slothino – and we are definitely not alone!

Since sloths have become so popular, that has also made them into a perfect mascot for commercials. They are simply too cute, lovable and adorable to ignore, aren’t they? Slothino has 5 commercials featuring sloths that you absolutely need to watch!

This Dancing Sloth Plush

Eve Sleep, an UK-based mattress e-commerce site, came up with a very successful idea. This commercial featuring a sloth plush quickly blew up with more than half a million views. Unlike real sloths, this one woke up from a good night of sleep feeling full of energy.

The sloth plush was a big hit with the viewers, and the comments section was quickly flooded by requests to sell the plush. And the brand did make it into an actual plush – which was just as successful by the way, as it quickly went out of stock! Well, it’s hard to blame them – after all, who could resist having such a cute, cuddly plush?

Of course, real sloths aren’t that full of energy and sleep an average of 15 hours a day. But that doesn’t make them any less cute!

Game Night With a Sloth?

As we said earlier, sloths have earned their reputation by being notoriously slow. Our little friends do love to do things at their own pace, after all. This GEICO commercial featuring a sloth has over 5 million views.

This three-toed fellow takes its sweet time sketching a picture, and only manages to complete a stick before time runs out. As it turns out, the drawing was supposed to be a tandem bicycle, so who knows how long the sloth would take to actually finish it.

Did you know that sloths travel an average of 41 yards a day? This makes them an easy target for predators on the ground, so sloths prefer to spend most of their time hanging from trees instead. Speaking of playing games with a sloth, make sure to play with Slothino and check our games selection as well!

A Cuddly Toy Sloth

Given how much success sloths have gained from their internet fame, it made them an obvious candidate for cute toys and plushies. This toy sloth, Snax, does everything you could ask for. It even repeats what you say super slowly, which makes it even cuter. Just like real sloths, Snax can hang upside down as well.

Did you know that due to their unique structure, sloths can hang upside down without any problems? That surely is quite handy, considering that a sloth spends an average 90% of its life just hanging from trees. The Slothino blog has this and other interesting sloth facts for you!

And Then There was Stoner Sloth…

While sloths are undeniably cute, calling someone a sloth is actually considered quite offensive. This anti-drug commercial from New South Wales in Australia drives that point forward. Featuring stoner sloths, it actually creates some hilarious situations. You can’t help but laugh at these sloths trying to figure out what on Earth is going on around them. 

But why exactly are sloths so slow? As you read above, sloths move an average of 41 yards a day and sleep for roughly 15 hours. That is largely because their metabolism is notoriously slow, so sloths take quite some time to get going. While their diet is exclusively vegan largely due to their lack of incisors, weed isn’t a part of their eating habits – as far as we know, at least!

Ever Seen a Stock Trader Sloth?

Well, that’s not something you see everyday, is it? This cryptocurrency trading site got quite creative to advertise a copy trader feature. While the sloth fumbles around trying to eat an apple, it actually manages to earn some money!

Sloths are really slow to eat, since they can only smack and munch on their food rather than bite and chew. And since their metabolism is really slow, sloths take forever to digest even a small portion of food. On the bright side, they can survive on little food this way.

Did you enjoy these cute sloth videos? Slothino is always raising awareness about the importance of conserving these adorable animals, so make sure to always check our blog for promos and, of course, more cute sloths! Stay a while, Play a while!