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Few game providers can achieve what Authentic Gaming has accomplished in a relatively short time. AG made it to the Shortlist for Digital Gaming Innovation of the Year at GGA 2017 and the Shortlist for Best Live Casino Provider at SEG 2019. Founded in Malta back in 2015 by a group of experienced people in the casino industry, it has quickly grown to become one of the top names in online gaming.

In this competitive market, game providers must find something to set themselves apart from the rest. And this is exactly why Authentic Gaming has enjoyed so much success, by focusing solely on live roulette games. AG has perfected their craft to deliver a proper authentic live casino experience to their players.

Another interesting fact is that Authentic Gaming live streams their roulette games directly from some of the most famous land-based casinos around the globe. This list includes names such as the Foxwood Resorts in the US, Saint Vincent Resort and Casino in Italy, Aspers Casino in London and Royal Casino in Denmark. AG also places a heavy emphasis on mobile roulette.

Now that the introductions are done with, let’s take a look at the top 5 Authentic Games at Slothino. 

Casino Live Roulette

Slothino Blog - Authentic Gaming review live roulette

If you want to get the best possible online roulette experience, then Authentic Gaming live roulette is the choice. Thanks to their expertise, AG has developed some of the best live roulette games in the online casino industry. Their innovative technology allows games to be live streamed directly from a real casino floor. To put it simply, you get to enjoy a genuine brick-and-mortar casino experience anywhere in the world and all from the comfort of your home.

Authentic Gaming is able to perfectly replicate the brick-and-mortar casino experience thanks to their high-quality streaming. Live roulette makes you feel the same way as if you were playing inside a real casino. Add to that the thrill only a live game could offer, and you have the perfect combination. AG excels at roulette games, and this is one of the reasons. You can enjoy the best casinos around the world by playing Authentic Gaming live roulette at Slothino.

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Auto Roulette

Slothino blog - Authentic Gaming review  Auto Roulette

While Authentic Gaming sets itself apart by streaming directly from land-based casinos. But that’s not all. AG also has its own auto rolette arena inside its studios. Better yet, the roulettes are fully automated, providing you with an opportunity to play whenever you want. With short, timed intervals between each round, it’s fairly easy to set up and place bets. Auto Roulette is a fast-paced game, making it a very good option if you don’t have a lot of time available to play.

The games are streamed live and 24/7 from AG’s cutting edge Live Roulette ARENA. Of course, these games are also available at Slothino. If you want a quick gaming session, Auto Roulette is definitely a very good option.

Speed Roulette

Slothino blog - Authentic Gaming review Auto Roulette

If you are after more options for a quick gaming session, Speed Roulette by Authentic Gaming is another great pick. It comes in two different variations, Speed 1 and Speed 2. In Speed 1 Roulette, the faster variation, you will have 18 seconds to bet. Speed 2 adds an extra 5 seconds to the timer. It’s all down to your preference. Both games are fast-paced, with each round taking less than a minute to complete.

Speed Roulette is a dynamic game with non-stop action. If you don’t have a lot of time for a long session, or whether you just want to experience the thrill of a lightning fast game, Speed Roulette is the perfect pick. Make sure to give Authentic Gaming Speed Roulette a try at Slothino.

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Blaze Roulette

Slothino blog - Authentic Gaming review  Blaze Roulette

Looking for a game that combines the fast, dynamic style of Auto Roulette with some brick-and-mortar casino elements? This is what Blaze Roulette is all about. Thanks to its automated roulette, this game has quick rounds and has 24/7 action. At specific times, Blaze Roulette also features a host. This way, you get to enjoy an extremely dynamic game with a brick-and-mortar casino feel.

Blaze Roulette will also draw you in with its beautiful LEDs. The game table lights up in a prism of different colors, which completely changes your usual roulette experience. Authentic Gaming always sets itself apart by innovating and adding new twists to roulette games. Blaze Roulette is no different, and you can enjoy it at Slothino as well.

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Mobile Live Roulette

Authentic Gaming takes the “mobile first” motto seriously. This is why their games have been developed with mobile devices in mind. You can enjoy the best live roulette games anywhere. Simply grab your phone, log into your Slothino account and start playing. All Authentic games work perfectly fine on mobile devices, which allows you to go for a playing session whenever and wherever you want to. Developing games that work on desktop and mobile devices isn’t easy, but Authentic Gaming has it all properly figured out. Mobile casino gaming is a fast-growing trend, and AG has been one of the leading developers in this market.

If you enjoy playing roulette, then Authentic Gaming definitely has some of the best options in the casino industry. Come and try the top 5 Authentic games at Slothino Casino. Check out our blog for the latest news, game reviews and much more. Stay a while, Play a while!

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