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Adventures of Slothino chapter 3: Sloth vegas!

After a long journey, Slothino arrives in Las Vegas. With big eyes he marveled at the lights, the people and the noise. He was amazed!

But soon he was getting uncomfortable. It was hot, the palm trees had no branches in which he could climb… He was not in the Amazon anymore.

The fountains all had signs that swimming was not allowed and he was getting hungry, but the leaves he found tasted of smoke and dirt.

slothino enters a casino

Slothino went into one of the casino’s where it was a lot more comfortable. And to his big surprise… he found a tree. He made himself comfortable on a branch and took a bite of a leaf. “Bluh! plastic!”. He decided to observe the people to distract him from his hunger…

slothino sees a tree but when he tastes the leaves he finds out they are plastic

And you won’t believe what happens next. Slothino get’s not only his first dose of Las Vegas jackpot potential, but his real journey begins to take place on how he can truly solve the growing issue of destroyed rainforests and the depleting sloth population. 

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