There’s No Place Like Home!

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As you may have read Chapter 6 of the Adventures of Slothino, this is the moment when the Slothino dream came to fruition. Both Sally and Slothino came to the conclusion that if they were to save the rainforest from deforestation and in turn, save the sloths from a slow demise… they would need to make some cash, and fast.

Amidst some hard work and dedication, the Slothino casino brand was born. Being the very first eco-conscious online casino brand, their mission to both thrive and conserve was sure to spread fast – It simply had to! There was so much at stake, after all. It goes to show that if you have passion in what you do, and make a tactical plan to accomplish it, dreams will come true. Slothino is living proof of it! As we left off in the last chapter, Slothino missed his home, and could you blame him? Here’s what happens next…

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Adventures of Slothino - going home to the rain forest

After being so incredibly homesick and missing his land, Slothino decided to take a trip back home. But he wasn’t going to take the treacherous route he had taken on his arrival – This time, he’s going first class, VIP style! Of course, he had never flown in first class! But hey, Slothino deserved it; he went through the hard times to get to this point. He deserved it. 

Home is Where the Heart Is – And Where the Mission Continues

When Slothino arrived back in the amazon, he found that a big piece of his home had been cut down and there were now cows grazing and crops growing. This was far from what he could have ever imagined to find. Where were the tall trees of the rainforest?! Where were his near and dear friends?! 

Adventures of Slothino - slothino arriving in the rainforest

As Slothino had learned on his trip, money talks. So with the money he had earned from his epic adventure, he bought a big piece of land where he would recreate the world he once knew.

Within the land he bought he designated one area to the jungle to protect the wildlife, and another part, which was cut down, he needed to grow back what was destroyed.

He wrote about what was happening in the rain forest on his Slothino casino blog, of which Slothino got lots of support from the players and fans. He was amazed at the response! People really did care about the rainforest, and the lovable sloths.

And just wait until you see what happens next in chapter 8… It will surely bring a tear to your eye! If it wasn’t for people like you, our players, who spend your time with Slothino casino, the vision would never come true…

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