Long Live the Slothino Tribe

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As you would have discovered in chapter 8, after Slothino’s VIP flight home, his next big surprise was only moments away – unbeknownst to him! He came across the Guarani tribe and sooner than later, their visions connected and the Slothino Tribe was born. If you’re curious, you can be a part of the Slothino Tribe as well… if you’ve registered an account with us and collected your 3-tiered Welcome Bonus, you’re already ahead of the game.

Adventures of Slothino: Chapter 9

While Slothino had now connected with the tribe, they were putting their know-how to work. They slowly but surely were restoring the rainforest by planting new trees and  greenery finally feeling the rainforest was ‘familiar’ again. To top matters off, Slothino and Sally were continuing to make the eco-conscious Slothino casino brand grow in popularity. They were truly seeing their hard work pay off.

While the tribe was busy on the landscape, building the amazon ecosystem back to what it once was, another surprise came along. This was something no one expected, at least not right away.

As the surroundings became more green and plentiful, a familiar species made themselves known; the sloths were returning to their once depleted land! The tribe did not fear, for they knew exactly what and who they were. 

Slothino, high up in the trees in a make-shift treehouse ‘office’ where we manned the casino operations, had no idea what was going on below. More and more sloths flocked to the developing area, and they were excited. You see, sloths are slow and quiet – but not in this moment. Slothino could hear the buzzing going on beneath him. His first thought was, “is there yet another threat to our paradise?”. With worry, he slowly made his way down the branches…

Welcome Home Sloths!

Slothino couldn’t believe his eyes as he finally got to the ground. Not only were there plenty of luscious fauna, thriving in the amazonian heat, but there were many familiar faces. Faces he never thought he’d see again – ever.

“Wha- Where did you come from?! I thought you were destroyed along with our rainforest home!”, Slothino cried out. The level of emotion was at an all-time high, he couldn’t control his tears, or even understand what kind of tears they were. Surrounding him were his friends, beloved family, and many more sloths… They were finally home.

Slothino and the tribe realized the dream was really coming together now. At least one piece of the amazon rainforest was being repaired back to its glory, and because of such, the sloths had gained another safe haven. This humble little parcel of land had to be named, and as so often, things have a way of working themselves out. This land was to be named ‘Slothino’.

While the Adventures of Slothino is soon coming to an end, your journey has only begun. Make sure you are taking your game to the next level – Visit chapter 10 and let your Slothification begin.

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